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Decorfin of NYC offers clients a wide range of wall finishing and interior services

Limitless Opportunities and Designs


Traditional Venetian Plaster

Artisans have used Venetian plaster techniques for centuries, and we are proud to carry on the tradition for astounding depth, texture and color. The age-old process includes:
– Preparing the surface for adhesion.
– Three or more coats of our Venetian plaster with smooth, fine-edged trowels.
– No sanding between coats for faster drying and more focus on technique and style.
– Final coat burnishing for sheen and reflection.
– Topcoating for durability and protection.

Decorfin Owner_ Eric

Decorative Plaster

This is how we customize your wall finish, by adding a touch of drama and transforming your space. We look to the rest of the room for inspiration on how to do this perfectly.

Decorfin_Wall Designs

Faux Finish Painting Techniques

Faux painting or faux finishing can give you results that look like quarried stone or glistening mirrors. We use expert skill to imitate the appearance of natural materials, but also to bring astounding texture and color into your space. Through traditional technique and advanced technology, we develop a look that suits your taste and style.

Decorfin Venetian Plaster

Plaster & Onsite Repair

Real plaster, while beautiful and unique, is vulnerable to cracking over time as buildings shift and settle. Decorfin offers a highly effective process for plaster wall repair, as well as fixes for unfinished walls. Strengthening your wall can significantly increase the life of Venetian plaster and other finishes.


Interior Design

We go far beyond simply applying your wall finish. We work closely with you to create a space that is unique, and truly reflective of your style. You can trust our Manhattan, NY design team for nothing but the best for your interiors.