Transform Your Small Space With These Ideas

Clever Kitchen Storage

While regular kitchen cupboards serve a useful purpose, there’s something eye-catching and appealing about using a faux finish to bring attention to detail.

Ventian Plaster in NYC

Home Office Nook

When dealing with a small bedroom, don’t let any extra space go unused. Using this bright blue decorative wall finish, Decorfin USA really highlighted the space.

 commercial venetian plaster

Bathroom Storage

Narrow wall shelves are an excellent way to store bathroom essentials in a stylish way. Decorfin USA really brought out the beachiness in this Hampton’s retreat using Venetian plaster.


Multipurpose Space

Sometimes, a multipurpose space is unavoidable, and your home office and guest bedroom must inhabit the same space. To make the best of this situation, use the surrounding walls to your advantage. During the day, store the bed for a creative and spacious workspace. This decorative wall finish is a perfect way to spruce up that second bedroom or small office.


Well-Worked Window Treatments

To make a small living room appear more spacious, add floor-to-ceiling window treatments. This eclectic living room features extra-high ceilings, despite its small floor plan. This simple addition will automatically draw eyes up the wall for a much larger feel.


Add a Mirror

One of the best (and easiest) tricks in the design world is adding a full-body mirror to visually expand a space. This mirror combined with the gorgeous Venetian plaster in this urban retreat really helps open up the space.


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