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Freshly plastered walls require patience and adequate time before applying fresh paint. If you don’t give the walls enough time to cure, it could lead to more problems down the road.  

In this blog, you’ll learn how soon you can paint over your fresh plaster walls, plus a tip to help speed up the waiting period.  

What Happens When You Paint Over Fresh Plaster Too Soon?

Putting paint on wet plaster can result in stained walls or color inconsistencies. If applied too early, it can also cause the walls to peel and crack or give off a damp and musty smell.

Ultimately, there are consequences when you choose to paint when the plaster has not yet been completely set, and you’ll be doing more work that can cause you hassle and inconvenience.


How Long Before You Can Paint on Fresh Plaster?

Before painting over fresh plaster walls, you must ensure that the new plaster has completely cured and dried. There are several factors that determine the exact time when plaster will totally dry, such as the temperature of the room, the plaster’s thickness, and the room’s available ventilation. 

Typically, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks before plaster can fully dry and be ready for paint. The walls with multiple layers of paint or those with thicker texture, may require up to two months. A common sign that plaster is ready for paint is when you can see the deeper colors of your wall beginning to fade. 

You will experience the best results when you’re patient enough to wait for the plaster to dry before painting over it fully.  You should also avoid touching the freshly-plastered walls, because your finger can stain or form a dent on the surface. Doing so also saves you the hassle of redoing everything all over.


Tips to Speed Up the Dry Time

The key to speeding up your dry time is to slightly increase the room temperature and provide more ventilation. Proper wall preparation can also help ensure a smooth and even application. When It Comes to Painting Plaster Walls, Trust the Professionals. The professionals at Decorfin will ensure that the dry time is minimalized, while still giving you a long-lasting and beautiful look. 

At Decorfin, we value your home and design goals, and we want to give your space the tender love and care it deserves. To learn more about our process and team, come in today for a free consultation.

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