An accent wall can be a minimal approach to a potentially big statement. If you want to change the vibe of your home and try on a new material, pattern, and/or color, without fully committing to or altering the whole foundation of the room, then go ahead and just create an accent wall in your room, feeling free to experiment with as many walls, in as many rooms of the house as you wish!

Decorating a home is no longer about following rules and strict guidelines, you can designate any wall a feature wall. With so much diversity of decor options available out there, you can easily bring style and personality to your home with just the accent wall ideas you like.

Visit the showroom and you’ll find no lack of inspiration among the stunning accent wall ideas to give your home a more dramatic look.

Ideas To Consider When Designing Your Interior Space

Add a Rustic Feel with Wood Planking

People are never tired of the look of reclaimed wood for home decor. It makes the space feel warm and comfortable, and never seems to go out of style. Wood planks can give your accent wall a rustic and warm feel, and the best thing is that this innovative product is easily available and affordable. With so many patterns and styles available, creating something out of the box should be easy.

Go Bold with a Mosaic Mural Accent Wall

Wall murals are commonly recognized as an affordable alternative to add drama to your walls without having to obtain an oversized piece of art. You can swap a plain backsplash for a fabulous tile mural, or paint that covers an entire wall to create a lasting piece of artwork. 

Create a Living Wall

Love plants and love nature? You might also love the idea of bringing them into your home. Fill your wall with hanging pots or place them on shelves to create a living wall in any room of your house. Even bathrooms can make a great environment for a slew of greenery. This is just an example of one the simplest ideas, there are many cool ideas for creating a living wall online. Make sure to check them out and maybe you’ll find your muse

Make Your Wall an Artwork Gallery

Collections of family photos, favorite postcards, or artwork you love to share? Gather some of your favorite pieces and create a special and unique gallery for everyone to view and enjoy. Gallery walls are an easy and fun way to transform bland walls and bring some style and personality to your living space. 

Add Drama to Your Wall with a Touch of Gold

Warm, glamorous, and on-trend, gold is the ideal shade for an accent wall, whether contemporary or traditional. Harness it to bring beauty, grandeur, and drama to a space. Add metallic pieces or shades to fully emphasize the nuance in the color. 

These are some of the most preferred ways to bring a stunning and dramatic look to any wall of your home and transform your living space. If you’re ready to embark on a journey to transform your space with any of the ideas highlighted here, or something else entirely, DecorFin Decorative Wall Finishes can help. Providing the highest quality design services for transforming wall texture, style, and design, our professional team of experts are ready to assist you in redesigning your wall space today.  Contact us!