Venetian plaster transforms the look of your home more quickly and effectively than a fresh coat of paint, and the best part might be that it requires less time than most other home improvement tasks. With so many painting techniques available, there are seemingly endless possibilities for redefining your space into something awesome.

Here are the top seven creative techniques you might consider. Mix them with some of your favorite colors to make your walls visually much more interesting and attractive.

1. Strié 

Strié is one of the most stunning wall painting techniques. It helps you create vertical or horizontal lines that resemble linen material, creating a warm and amazing texture on the wall. The best thing about this paint technique is that it blends sensibly with many different styles.

2. Stencils

This technique is a great choice if you are a DIY enthusiast looking to pick the work on your own. It’s a simple and easy way to add intrigue and sophisticated design to your walls. There are a variety of stencils out there in the market for you to choose from and if that’s not enough you can always make your own too. Just get creative!

3. Rag Rolling

As the name suggests, rag rolling painting technique involves using a rag to style the space. The rag is rolled up and down on top of a coat of paint to add depth and texture. This technique is more subtle than other methods, so you can easily apply it to any design style without upsetting the overall design footprint.

4. Color Washing

This painting technique involves layering two different colors together to add depth and texture to a wall. Typically, it works best when combining a darker and lighter shade of the same color or complementary colors. Apart from the aesthetic component, color wash is very simple to apply and quite more pocket-friendly than other painting styles.

5. Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is another painting technique that doesn’t take very long to learn and execute. Here, a simple sponge or sponge paint roller is used to add visual punch and dynamic textures to a plain-color wall, by adding a new color. This technique really opens up doors to endless creativity.

6. Ombre

An ombre effect involves creating a kaleidoscope of hues, moving from light to dark or vice versa. This trend keeps coming back again and again and for good reasons. It’s an artistic technique that is beautiful, stunning, and mesmerizing even.

7. Harlequin

If you are looking to add a vibrant, sophisticated, and contemporary feel to your living space, the classic harlequin might be just the option for you. The harlequin wall pattern instantaneously adds movement and life to your space. You can achieve a sophisticated look by adding colors with subtle contrasts. But, if you want a more brilliantly vivid look, you can choose colors with higher contrasts in bold hues.


Choosing the right wall painting techniques can allow you to add dimension, texture, and style to your walls and help transform an ordinary single-color space into beautiful art. The professional team of experts at DecorFin Decorative Wall Finishes are here to help you share your textured art story.

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