Apart from architecture, there’s something that a good number of pre-century Italian buildings had in common especially in the north: Venetian plaster on the walls. Back then, it was a reserve of the wealthy and was seen in mansions and important buildings.

Over time, modern developments like green, eco-friendly paint and other textured wall types slowed down the use of Venetian plaster. However, too beautiful to be forgotten, this wall finish has become more and more popular in the recent past. This is true not only in Italy, but also many other countries across Europe and the United States.

Venetian Plaster Walls And Ceilings 

DecorFin has become the go-to for perfectly done Venetian plaster on walls and ceilings anywhere in the U.S.. The impeccable work performed in both homes and commercial properties has made Venetian plaster popular once again. It has, in fact, become a look equated to luxury and timeless, contemporary style.

How Venetian Plaster Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Decorative wall finishes increase the value of a property in different ways:

1) Aesthetics

Marble or limestone dust mixed with lime putty gives plaster a subtle gleam that lends the look of luxury to your space. To get the look just as it was in the pre-century era, the same application process is used, where plaster is applied in thin layers with a trowel or spatula after each previous one has dried. The process is finished with a polishing to smooth the surface and bring out the gleam of the marble or limestone dust, creating an intriguing illusion of depth and texture

You’ll appreciate the options when it comes to wall finishes; take your pick from matte, high gloss or satin semi-gloss. Choose your look from one that mimics natural stone, travertine, or mother-of-pearl among others.

2) Long Lasting

Compared to other options of decorative or textured walls, Venetian plaster lasts a long time. It holds up very well, without signs of wear and tear like scuffs or scratches being seen. Additionally, it’s extremely hard and actually enhances the strength of your wall.

3) Low Maintenance

Another advantage of Venetian plaster is that it requires very little in terms of maintenance. Frequent dry dusting and a wipe down with a soft damp cloth from time to time is all that’s required to bring out the hint of glimmer from the marble dust. Or, metallic colors such as silver or gold can be customized.

4) Repels Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew are fairly common, especially in spaces that are frequently wet like bathrooms and kitchens. Apart from posing a health hazard, mold and mildew that go a long time without being removed can cause extensive damage that would require an expert to remove completely, and another to repair. Venetian plaster actually repels water so this is a problem you will never have to deal with when opting for this material.

5) Affordable Repair

Finally, should the need ever arise for repairs, they’re affordable. Apart from fresh installation of Venetian plaster, Decorfin also undertakes repairs that leave your wall or ceiling looking as good as new, absent of any seams or repair points.


Once you make the decision to upgrade your residential or commercial space with Venetian plaster, schedule your free consultation to get the process started. Browse through this portfolio for ideas or visit the showroom on 227 E 57th Street, New York, NY 10022. For fresh installation or repairs that give your space a whole new elevated look, contact DecorFin today and use this timeless upgrade to increase property value.