Borough Park Kitchen

Textures Featured:
Custom Glossy Marble Finish, & Custom Stone Finish

This beautiful kitchen was done for a Rabbi in Brooklyn, NY. The kitchen had been designed with very large, glossy white cabinetry- to make the room feel bigger and create a flow between the cabinetry and the ceiling, Eric created a glossy white marble finish for the kitchen ceiling.

The subtlety of this texture creates just enough light reflection, and movement to keep the surface interesting while not taking away from the beautiful custom wood countertop that had been installed.

Similarly, this glossy white ceiling sits against a highly patterned, highly textured golden ceiling which was already a part of the house. As to not create competing textures, Eric keep the kitchen ceiling simple and elegant.

For the walls of the dining room, Eric drew from the gold in the ceiling, creating a gorgeous warm golden color.

The walls were completed utilizing a custom stone finish. The walls were also kept relatively understated to highlight the historical artwork that would be put up, as well as mimic the floor color to create the illusion of a larger space.

Texture Featured:

Custom Glossy Marble Finish, & Custom Stone Finish