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[edgtf_section_subtitle subtitle_text=”Below are just a few descriptions and examples of what Decorfin USA can do for you. Remember, with Decorfin, the options are Limitless. ” text_align=”center” css=”.vc_custom_1476736063882{padding-right: 19% !important;padding-left: 19% !important;}”][edgtf_separator position=”center” color=”#e7bd74″ border_style=”solid” width=”50″ thickness=”1″ top_margin=”16px” bottom_margin=”16px”]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_image=”6227″ team_name=”Venus Marble Effect Finish” team_description=”This traditional Venetian plaster with natural components provides your walls with a glossy, smooth finish and marble-like appearance. The addition of Venus Metal topcoat can incorporate a metallic effect that plays with the light in your room.”]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_image=”6178″ team_name=”Antico Antique Finish” team_description=”Providing both the look and feel of three dimensions, this artistic technique uses several layers for texture. Whether you choose Antico Stone, Antico Rain or Antico Vein, additional glaze layers can enhance the illusion of dimension and depth.”]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_image=”6165″ team_name=”Notti Veneziane Antique Velvet Finish” team_description=”Meaning “Venetian nights,” this method uses metallic pigments and applications to change and contrast with the light. The result is a texture that is at once velvety and leather-like, and undeniably romantic.”]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_image=”6233″ team_name=”Toscana Finish” team_description=”Capturing the beauty and charm of Tuscany itself, this finish is an example of true Italian artistry. Choose from a wide selection of texture and color options to create the perfect look for your walls, and bring a little bit of Italy to your interiors.”]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_image=”6159″ team_name=”Custom Finish” team_description=”Going beyond set styles and techniques, Decorfin is equipped to match a wall finish that you already have, or create something completely new for your interiors. With limitless options for color, texture, design and application, we will happily produce a finish that is one of a kind.”]
[edgtf_team team_type=”main-info-below-image” team_social_icon_pack=”” team_image=”6168″ team_name=”Linen Silk Finish” team_description=”This finish creates the look of fabric with a three-dimensional effect. A combination of any chosen color with a final coat of silver or gold will turn a wall from simple to bold.”]

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