Decorfin Faux Painting

At Decorfin, we specialize in making your home an artistic experience for everyone to enjoy. This is why we have expanded our service offering to include faux painting services with designs that mimic high-end materials, such as marble, stone, silk, leather pattern, and many more.

What is Faux Venetian Plaster?

A faux venetian plaster finish consists of two or three thin coats of colored plaster. Authentic Venetian plaster is built in several thin layers, making it thicker and more resistant to harm.


Greater Durability

The Decorfin faux paint finish has been made to endure and look great for years to come. At Decorfin, we ensure that our products are high quality and that our services surpass clients’ expectations.


Transform Your Home in an Instant

We use Faux Venetian plaster to give your plain white ceilings new vitality. Our Faux finishes are guaranteed to make a dramatic impact in a short amount of time. This means you can rely on our services if you want a quick home or room renovation.


Low Maintenance

Keeping your walls in good condition takes less effort with our faux plaster finish. We use high-quality materials in the coatings to provide a barrier against dirt and other natural derrants.


Effectively Hides Flaws

Over time, your walls may acquire a variety of nicks and scratches. Unfortunately, some of these flaws are rather unattractive and expensive to repair. If you discover that these blemishes are taking away from the appearance of your paintwork, you can choose our faux venetian plaster to cover it up.


How to preserve faux painting walls

Scratches and cuts may be repaired using our complementary painting and pattern matching. 


Contact Us for Our Faux Painting Services

Decorfin staff sees to it that every project is taken care of with the utmost care and focus. We use a collaborative approach with our faux painting services with attention to even the smallest of details. Contact us today for a quote!