Hudson Yards Apartment

Textures Featured:
Custom Antique Finish, & Custom Marble

The clients at the Hudson Yards Apartment began the design process requesting bright, neutral colors for their home. As you can see in the dining room and living space, we created a beautiful accent wall in a peach color utilizing a custom antique finish and taupe accent walls behind the couch.

Once the clients had seen the beautiful work our crew had done, and consulted further with Eric, they decided to be bold and decided to plaster two other accent walls in their living room, and one in their bedroom in black!

Many people tend to shy away from black walls, believing them to be too dark and heavy. But when using the techniques of Venetian plaster, these dark walls become works of art!

The subtle changes in the color, and the way the light reflects off of the glossy surface of the walls creates a stunning sense of dimension and depth, which breaks up the heaviness of the dark color.

Many of our clients, including the owners of the Hudson Yards Apartment, agree that once they commit to installing black Venetian Plaster in their homes, the “wow” factor speaks for itself.

Texture Featured:

Custom Antique Finish, & Custom Marble