Old Westbury Mansion

Textures Featured:
Custom Glossy Marble Finish

The Old Westbury Mansion was an incredible home even before we entered the picture! We worked closely with the renowned interior design firm Michelle Gerson on this project, to ensure that the client’s needs were met and the home had a sense of continuity.

Every wall in this 25,000 sq-foot home was covered with our Marble finish in a custom high gloss white color with veins of silver running through, creating a stunning shimmering surface on every wall.

Because all the walls in this home were being covered in plaster, and due to the fact that the floor pattern was so prominent, we decided to keep the color pallet quite neutral, and the texture subtle and modern.

The client also had many art pieces they planned on hanging throughout the home, and we wanted to be sure that the walls would not detract from, but rather enhance, the artwork.

One of the most interesting features of this house, was the in-home hair studio that the client asked for. For this room, we upped the drama! Eric created a super high gloss black color to enhance the aura of luxury and high style, while utilizing the same texture that had been in the rest of the house to keep the flow of the home.

Texture Featured:

Custom Glossy Marble Finish