Park Ave Penthouse

Textures Featured: Notti Finish & Marble Finish

The Park Avenue Penthouse that we completed in 2017 is one example of how Venetian plaster can be beautiful while still being subtle. This client had many large pieces of artwork that they wanted to highlight, and didn’t want the texture on the walls to overwhelm or take away from the pieces.

When visiting the penthouse for a consultation, Eric noticed that the owner’s style was modern, sleek, and luxurious. He wanted to bring these ideas into the textures that were created to express and enhance the aura of the owners and the apartment itself.

The foyer and dining room walls were covered in a classic off white Marble finish to bring a sense of subtle movement and visual interest to the walls, while not detracting from the beautiful art pieces.

The ceilings were covered in a custom Notti finish, with the ceiling in the foyer being a deep silver, and the ceiling in the dining room being an off white to flow with the walls, and create the illusion of higher ceilings. The metallic finish of both ceilings creates beautiful instances of light and shadow when the light reflects of its surface.

Every step you take in both rooms highlights a new angle of the beautiful textures both on the walls and on the ceilings.

Texture Featured:

Notti & Marble Finish