Saks 5th Ave

Textures Featured: Venus Marble Finish

Description: When we partnered with Saks 5th Avenue, we worked with wonderful interior designers to ensure that the store got customers got the high class experience the store was looking to achieve.

Throughout the entire fourth floor we created a unique Venus Marble finish that can be seen on every soffit, as well as on many walls throughout the store. This texture was created in a subtle, calming mix of grays and whites in a highly polished finish.

We also completed work in the exclusive Saks 5th Avenue Club, which resides on the same floor. In this section of the store, we utilized two finishes: one Strié (linear finish) finish in grey that can be seen in the lobby of the club, and a custom golden Notti finish that can be seen in the hallways leading to the private sitting rooms.

Throughout the fourth floor, but particularly in the club, we strove to create textures that would mimic the luxurious experience that customers should get when they shop at Saks, while at the same time remaining subtle enough to not overwhelm the designer clothes and jewels on display.

Texture Featured:

Venus Marble Finish