Next to your floors, the walls are the largest expanse of space in your home. For this reason, the way they’re finished has a significant impact on the area’s appearance. For years, there has been a departure from the duller, more bland option of flat-painted walls. Wallpaper, once a primary choice for adding color and even texture to room design, is also a dying trend. Today, textured walls are popularly trending.

Here’s Our Top Texturizing Trends in 2022

1) Venetian Plaster

Named after Venice, Italy where it was first seen, Venetian plaster walls are achieved through a process of mixing plaster with marble dust and applying the mixture in thin layers. It is then polished to create a multi-layered, textured look. The plaster is left to dry between applications and is sanded and buffed with each. The finished wall should have textural variations, color tone differences and shimmer.
Based in NYC, DecorFin offers services around the country, sharing the same traditional techniques that were used decades ago. Traditionally, these jobs are done by hand with premium-quality materials sourced from Italy.

2) Venus Marble Effect Finish

This finish is named after Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. It has the same marble-like finish that the Venus de Milo sculpture has. This finish is smooth and glossy with its metallic top coat.

3) Toscana Finish

This attractive finish can have as many or few tones and colors as desired. Named after the vibrant shades seen in Tuscany with its lush vineyards, quaint villages, architectural gems and splendid landscapes, this wall finish can be a gorgeous design compliment.

4) Notti Veneziane Antique Velvet

The name of this finish is interpreted as Venetian nights. Indeed, it reflects its name as it invokes the same glittery shimmer as that which can be seen when lanterns come on at night and their light is reflected on the water underneath the moonlight. The metallic tones change as the light shining on them changes.

5) Antico Antique Finish

This favored wall finish is also inspired by Venice. It honors the ancient city by using layers of plasters to create a tactile, three-dimensional look. There are options of Stone, Rain or Vein finishes, which replicate the elements they’re finished with.

6) Linen Silk Finish

This famous option is inspired by the ancient culture of Egypt and China. Linen was a big part of Egyptian culture while in China it was silk. This finish imitates the look and feel of both fabrics. Bringing walls alive with a metallic shimmer, this approach gives them a bold 3D effect.

7) Comb

This luxury wall finish gets its name from its pattern, as it mimics that of which a comb would make. There’s the option of either a symmetrical look or one that is unevenly spaced. Others include a rainbow shape, overlapping circles or fish scales to name a few.

8) Knockdown

Similar to a wall finish known as Orange Peel, this wall texture option gets its name from the application process, which involves the use of a trowel for removing or knocking out the drywall mud paste in sections, in order to create texture. Resembling an orange peel, trendy wall finish has an uplifting, rustic look.

9) Customized Finish

You’re unique and one-of-a-kind, your walls can be too! DecorFin offers customized finishes. This is often achieved with Venetian plaster finished to resemble marble, limestone or travertine. It can also be matte, glossy or somewhere in between.


Elevate and upgrade your living space. All you need to do is make the call, and let DecorFin answer it by bringing you the best options available in outstanding textured wall design. Peruse the portfolio or reach out today to see more. You’ll be amazed!