Faux painting has long been used to minimize building or renovation costs by mimicking the look and effect of high-end materials, like exotic woods, marble, granite, and carved moldings.

Faux painting can add dynamic texture and color to your room, bringing out that WOW! factor in any space. With the proper execution of faux painting techniques, the look and feel of high-end materials can be achieved.

When looking for cost-effective ways to enhance the look of your home, these common faux types and techniques are worth your consideration:

Simple Faux Painting Techniques


Sponging is one of the easiest decorative techniques to learn. With just a few simple tools: a sea sponge, and a couple colors of paint and a glaze, color, texture, and dimension can be added to any room.

The basic technique involves applying a base coat of color, then dabbing sponges (dipped in a different shade of paint) on top, creating a beautiful array of ombre effects. To achieve a more subtle effect, you can use two different paints from the same color family. For a bolder look, use a variety of paints from different color groups.

Color Washing

Color washing techniques bring an authentic old-world plaster aesthetic to your space.

Similar to sponging, color washing is a simple technique and requires few supplies: paint, primer, glaze, a roller brush, and a rag. This technique involves applying a thin, translucent glaze over a base color to produce a soft, mellow texture. The final look depends on the colors of paint you choose, the brush pattern you use, and the layering of the paints.

Advance Faux Painting Techniques

Granite Faux Paint

Granite can add a touch of luxury and elegance to a room, but it can be expensive. The granite faux paint technique is a great alternative used in creating the unique look and pattern of granite, without the cost of the actual stone.

The faux granite painting process combines sponging and adding a glaze mixture of various colors to the surface, creating the appearance and feel of granite. Here you can choose from a wide variety of different color options to create the patterned look of granite you desire. In the final step, the paint is finished with a few coats of sealant or varnish to enhance the shine effect of the faux granite paint while protecting it.


Woodgraining is a faux painting technique that involves layering pigmentation or paint using either sponging or a brush. Next, the surface is buffed with oils or varnish, to give it a rich wood-like polish. This technique is often used to simulate the appearance of wood on painted furniture, doors, or interior trim molding.


Faux painting drastically transforms flat, boring spaces into truly stunning surfaces. Whether your goal is to replicate the look of high-end materials like wood or granite, or you want to create a three-dimensional effect on your wall or other flat surface, a professional can create, enhance, or expand your space with serious detailing.

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