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Our Manhattan showroom is located at 227 East 57th St., between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. We are open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 7 pm, as well as Sunday’s 10 am to 6 pm. Visiting our showroom is an unmatched opportunity to see and feel a large selection our incredible Venetian plaster textures. On our walls there are twelve larger-than-life panels, each 6 feet long by 2 ½ feet high, featuring some of our most popular finishes. In addition, we have many more beautiful examples of our textures on smaller samples, showing the wide range of colors and custom finishes we can create for you.

Our showroom is interactive, because we believe there is no better way to for you experience our finishes than being able to touch every texture for yourself. We invite you to run your hands across the luxurious textures on our walls and take in the elegant colors, from stunning blues and purples to elegant blacks and beiges. Our owner and founder Eric Klein, is on site to answer any questions you may have and give you a one-on-one, personalized experience. Come visit us and discover the beauty and grander of Venetian plaster, and learn what we can do for you.

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Linen cloth goes back tens of thousands of years; in Pharaonic Egypt it was a symbol of light and purity and was displayed as wealth. Silk, developed in ancient China, was the most sought-after luxury item traded to Europe. Now the texture and luster of these fabrics – with a final coat of shimmering silver or gold – gives any wall a stunning three-dimensional effect and turns it from simple to rich and bold.


“Notti Veneziane” means “Venetian Nights” and this finish evokes it.  At night in Venice, the lanterns come on, creating shimmering reflections in the lagoon, and the city’s ancient plaster walls gleam in the moonlight. Similarly, our metallic pigments change in the light, on a texture as rich as Venetian leather and as velvety as a Venice night...undeniably romantic.


The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany’s heritage endures in its stunning landscapes, its great vineyards, and its charming villages. The Medici villas and Tuscany’s grand cities of Pisa, Lucca Siena and of course Florence are all rich in culture and architectural majesty. This finish, with many colors and textures with which you can customize, brings the essence of this historic region into your home.


Venice is a city of great depth: layer upon layer of history and civilization emerge in every glorious building. This technique uses layers and layers of plaster to create the rich look and feel of three dimensions. Whether you choose Antico Stone, Antico Rain or Antico Vein, each additional layer adds more beauty every time you look.


In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of beauty and love. The most famous sculpture of her, the Venus de Milo, was carved in a marble that outlives all time. For our Venus Marble- Effect Finish, we use natural components to create a marble-like appearance – glossy and smooth and with a Venus Metal topcoat that plays with the light in your room. In all, it’s a finish of beauty you will love.


Venetian plaster has no single look or feel. It can look like marble, travertine or limestone. It can be highly polished – matte, satin or glossy – or more tactile. Our Venetian plaster can match your current wall finish or – with endless color options, textures and designs – together we can create a finish that is truly one of a kind. Whatever the choice, it will have a depth and beauty unmatched anywhere.