Trouble-free and timeless, a classic Venetian plaster finish can be the perfect finishing touch to the walls in your home or business. Few materials have withstood the test of centuries like this gorgeous wall surfacing. Whether you want a smooth, glossy shine or a textured wall full of character, Venetian plaster has the benefits you want and the appearance you dream of.

Venetian plaster does more than give your home a touch of the Roman classic style. This wall finish has many benefits that make it a natural choice for your home renovation!

What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster has been a top choice in building materials since before Vesuvius blew its top. Its traditional composition mixed crushed marble and powdered lime, which was applied in layers and then polished to a sheen. Modern mixes utilize lime applied in layers to offer both durability and beauty.

Benefits of a Venetian Plaster Wall Finish


Venetian plaster is prized for its incredible durability. It can withstand impacts, collisions, and scuffs easily, ensuring an ideal fit for most lifestyles. It is also less prone to cracks than cement. It’s no wonder this material is referred to as a lifetime finish.

Easy Maintenance

Forget scrubbing walls with harsh cleaners or the aching back that comes with wielding a scrub brush. Venetian plaster requires very little care. All you need is mild soap and a cloth for a simple wipe-down to keep your wall in top shape.

Anti-Flammable Properties

Centuries later, Venetian plaster remains standing in the ruins of Pompeii. While no one can guarantee your renovated walls will withstand a volcanic eruption, Venetian plaster does have anti-inflammatory properties for extra security against fires.

Helps Prevent Mold and Mildew

Lime has a naturally high pH, aiding to fend off bacteria, mold, and mildew. A natural fungicide, it is a tremendous choice for bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can nurture mold and fungal growth.

Helps Regulate Humidity

Venetian plaster is a surprisingly breathable surface. It can mitigate excess heat and humidity inside your home by allowing the exchange of moisture and air through its surface. Better still, it dries quickly, another aid in inhibiting mildew growth.

Environmentally Friendly

Venetian plaster is non-toxic and all-natural. It also emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Better still, it can absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), leading to cleaner air.


Venetian plaster is an optimal choice for any room in your home or business. This versatile wall finish is complimentary wherever you add it. Its ease in drying once wet and anti-mildew properties make it an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens, while its beauty and unique aesthetic beg for pride of placement in living rooms and bedrooms.

Vast Variety

Venetian plaster doesn’t have a singular style. Its versatility means you can customize the appearance of your wall finish to suit your favorite design. Choose a glossy, shiny style that’s easy to wipe down for bathrooms and kitchens. In the living room, opt for a textured surface that will add depth to your room’s look. Choosing Venetian plaster instead of paint offers you unique sophistication you can’t get anywhere else.


When it comes to wall design, create a style that sets your home or business apart from all the others on your block. Elevate your space and bring in luxury while maintaining ease of care. To learn more, or to start talking about how you can turn your walls into art, the industry leader of the field, DecorFin Decorative Wall Finishes is the premier choice. Create a look that surpasses even your own expectations and schedule your free in-home consultation today!