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Venetian plaster is famous for its durability, beauty, and utility. Wall finishes that can do it all don’t come along often. In fact, this gorgeous plaster has endured since the Renaissance, remaining fresh and relevant for centuries.

Modern Venetian plaster can turn your commercial environment into an aesthetic masterpiece. Yet the distinctive and distinguished look isn’t the only reason to invest in decorating your workplace with plaster.

Consider these four reasons to include Venetian plaster in designing or making over your commercial space

1. Venetian Plaster is Durable and Long-lasting

Like most companies, you likely can’t focus solely on décor that’s pleasing to the eye. Instead, you need to balance design choices with functionality and durability to make your workplace renovation last. Durable materials with decorative functions are smart.

Venetian plaster offers both unique beauty and an impressive ability to endure. This substance is well known for its strength. As pointed out above, Venetian plaster as we know it today has origins in the Renaissance period, and samples of an even earlier version remain from the days of the Roman Empire! You can expect a Venetian plaster surface to last for at least a decade or more.

2. Venetian Plaster is Customizable

When you think of a plaster wall surface, you might think of dull, grey concrete that doesn’t appeal to the eye. You may not be aware of how customizable Venetian plaster is. This wonderful wall finish is a chameleon that can take on many colors and textures to suit your particular tastes.

Choose from many different shades when you opt for Venetian plaster, just as you would do with paint. You can also select various textures for the finish. Go with a textured surface for depth and visual interest, or a glossy surface to reflect light and dazzle the eye. Implement the look that best harmonizes with your design vision.

3. Venetian Plaster is Low Maintenance and Easy to Repair

Venetian plaster has a reputation for easy maintenance. Gentle, non-abrasive chemicals and a soft cloth are all you need to clean these walls. Simply wipe them down and let dry. Because Venetian plaster naturally resists mildew, and dries quickly because of its composition, only surface dirt and stains should need removing.

Modern Venetian plaster is also easy to repair should cracks or chips occur. While some formulations of this surface can require extensive repairs to create a seamless patch over blemishes, other types can be quickly and seamlessly mended. This makes it the ideal wall surface for your commercial space.

4. Venetian Plaster has Innate Sound-Absorbing Qualities

Far from the echoing spaces of concrete walls shown in movies, spaces that utilize Venetian plaster often retain peaceful sound levels more easily. Hear and be heard with less effort by choosing a wall finish that takes in and transforms sound waves by nature. Improve acoustics and preserve a calm environment with a Venetian plaster wall finish.

Plaster is a porous substance comprised of lime and other minerals, allowing it to serve as a layer of sound absorption. This is especially important in louder, busier rooms like board rooms, meeting spaces, and reception areas.


Venetian plaster offers the potential for distinctive design and a lifetime finish for your commercial space. Enjoy the possibilities for a custom aesthetic and unique look that enhances your workplace. DecorFin can help you transform your professional space into a beautiful area your clients will not forget. Request your free consultation now! 

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