In high-end residential home makeovers, Venetian plaster walls have a luxurious look that wallpaper, tile, bricks, and standard painted walls cannot achieve. Its popularity has been fueled by its uniqueness and remarkable durability. Plus, its design is known to incorporate aspects of the exterior inside the home. This article will share a few of the reasons Venetian plaster will remain a sought after look for decades to come. 

What Is A Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster is also known as lime plaster, which is made of water and a fired limestone. After applying to the walls and exposing them to carbon dioxide, it converts back into limestone, giving a flat surface the aesthetic appearance and depth. 

This high-end finish, often used for ornamental moldings and curvilinear design, typically endures longer than paint or wallpaper because of its durability. 

Venetian Plaster Has a Gentle Appearance

The appearance of Venetian plaster is often gentle and earthy. Its luminous finish is achieved by layering thin translucent layers, providing the illusion of depth and movement. Earthy tones such as white, beige, gray, brown, and black are popular color choices for these textures and don’t often go out of style. 

Its dynamic range between ambient daylight and lime plaster is captivating. A warm glow emerges from inside the plaster, and the light’s vibrations result in a spacious lightness and tranquillity. 

Characteristics like these are what make a minimalist lifestyle so appealing. The plaster warms up the area, enhancing the fundamental attention on your home. 

Reasons Venetian Plaster Won’t Go Out of Style

1. Visual Value

The resilience of a Venetian plaster can provide your home with a strong link to its exterior characteristics, to give it a more consistent and holistic look all the way tough on the inside. A plaster wall finish provides an artistic value, as it is applied by hand by an artist. It leaves traces of unique brushwork and textural diversity, offering a contemporary vibe that unifies your home. 

2. Durable and Low-Maintenance

Today’s plaster products are low-maintenance and long-lasting. It’s all thanks to Venetian plasters that you can readily patch and integrate with the rest of the wall. A damp cloth, mild detergent, 1000-grit sandpaper for gently sanding, or fine steel wool are enough to clean most minor scuffs. It’s almost as adaptable as the application and upkeep of paint.

3. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Venetian plaster is also an eco-friendly and sustainable product that, unlike certain products, does not release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It won’t encourage mold development and pollute a landfill one day.

A Decorfin Touch

Decorfin will ensure high-quality plaster application to your spaces that will be beautiful for generations. Our team has been providing a wide range of Venetian plaster textures and color combinations across the globe and we hope that we can bring our experiences to you at your home. To learn more about our process and our team, we invite you to come to our office for a free consultation.