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Venetian plaster has long been a popular wall finish that can add both elegance and durability to your home. But how long does it last?

Made from a mixture of plaster and limestone or marble dust, Venetian plaster has been used as a wall finish for centuries, and is known for its durability. In fact, because it is rock hard, Venetian plaster can help strengthen your walls.

However, like any wall finish, Venetian plaster will eventually need to be refreshed or replaced.

Deciding Factors For The Longevity Of Venetian Plaster

The Quality of the Plaster Mix

As the saying goes over time, cheap is expensive, and expensive is cheap. Good quality plaster mix will make the plaster last longer than a low-quality mix.  

The Skill of the Plasterer

A skilled plasterer will be able to apply the plaster in a way that minimizes cracks and other imperfections, which will help the plaster last longer.  If the plaster is applied poorly, it will be more likely to crack and flake off over time.

Wall Type

Venetian plaster can be applied to most types of walls, but it’s important to make sure the surface is properly cleaned and prepared before application. If the surface is not prepared properly, the plaster will not adhere well and will not last as long.

A more porous wall will absorb more moisture, which can cause the plaster to degrade over time.

Room Traffic

Higher traffic areas in any home or work space (from furniture, children, pets, etc.), tend to exhibit wear and tear much sooner than those used less frequently.

The Climate

Generally speaking, Venetian plaster will last for many years. However, the climate can affect its durability. If the plastered room is overexposed to sunlight or extreme heat or cold, it can start to deteriorate faster.  

Regular Maintenance

Venetian plaster walls are super easy to maintain, simply wipe them down whenever you want to clean them. Regular cleaning and sealing are encouraged to help extend wall life.


Venetian plaster is a very durable wall finish that can last for many years. With proper care and maintenance, it can even last a lifetime. 

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