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Venetian plaster has long been the perfect embodiment of timeless craftsmanship, with delicate embossed textures and classical rustic beauty. But while this design worked well in Renaissance kitchens, how well does it fit in a more modern setting?

Venetian plaster is an ideal and elegant finish for your walls and these are points worth considering for your space:

Venetian Plaster Pros

Unlike other rooms in the house, your kitchen is prone to get wet often, making Venetian plaster the perfect choice for this environment. Having similar qualities to stone and marble, this decorative wall finish adds depth and character to the surface. While originally available in Earthy tones, modern innovation has facilitated the addition of synthetic options in various colors to match desired designs.

Having withstood the test of time, it’s not surprising that the advantages associated with this material outweigh those of its counterparts.

Here are some characteristics that make it perfect for your kitchen:

1. Adaptability

Venetian plaster is extremely dynamic and can be applied in multiple settings on your property. Because of its marble-like look and distinct texture, it’s commonly used for wall and ceiling finishing in interior design.

2.CO2 Absorption

A component of Venetian plaster, limestone takes in CO2 expelled by the people in your home, eliminating it from the environment and using it to harden the walls.

3. Controls Humidity

Despite its solidity, this material is remarkably breathable, allowing for minute amounts of moisture to be absorbed from the innate layer, making the surrounding space less humid or warm. The material dries fast and eliminates moisture, stopping it from lingering in kitchens where there’s usually a lot of water.

4. Durability

Venetian plaster is recognized for its sophistication and functionality because it incorporates distinctive charm and acclaimed artistry with effortless maintenance and creative patterned technique, supporting the composites’ resilience.  What you may not know is that it’s also waterproof and anti-bacterial, plus from a technical point of view, literally strengthens the wall.

5. Safe for the Environment

Natural organic materials mean this product is eco-friendly. Its design enables improved air quality, an important aspect in safeguarding the health of everyone in the space. This eise and worthwhile investment also helps drive away mold.

6. Odor- Free

Painting and other remodeling activities can often involve harmful fumes released into the atmosphere. However, with Venetian plaster, you get an odorless product that you can use anywhere without worrying about lingering smells.

7. Easy to Maintain

Refined Venetian plaster is common among engineers, interior designers, and homeowners because it demands minimal servicing and cleaning. Also, the material is extremely resistant to weather elements, giving it impressive endurance.

To ensure that it doesn’t get too dry, simply grab a wet cloth with some mild soap and gently wipe the surface clean, preserving its luster.


Equally impressive aesthetic and functional characteristics make Venetian plaster the perfect interior finish for a kitchen. Enjoy the plethora of perks this material offers you in any personal or professional place, including the kitchen! To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact Decorfin today.