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Venetian plaster dates back to the Roman era in the 15th century. Significantly resurrected during the Renaissance, it once again became a most sought-after finish in the city of its name, Venice. Classic Venetian plaster is a natural material made from fired limestone mixed with water. When applied to the wall, the exposure to carbon dioxide in the air turns the mixture into limestone.
Its quality is evident in the longevity it endures as a premier finish choice from ancient civilization through modern day. Venetian plaster provides a variety of benefits that can add value to your home.

Why Venetian Plaster Benefits Your Home’s Value

Timeless and Elegant

The more aesthetic appeal your home possesses, the higher value it’s likely to have. Venetian plaster gives your home a classic and elegant design, while at the same time making the space feel modern and up to date. Venetian plaster never goes out of style. It has an iridescent finish similar to marble without the expense, and can add depth and warmth to any room, regardless of size.

Naturally Regulates Humidity

What’s even better about Venetian plaster are its practical benefits. For one, it helps to prevent moisture in the house from escaping outwards, this helps to ensure your house is not overly hot and filled with dry air. Its thermal-resisting feature behaves as a natural regulator of humidity, thus having too much is nary a concern.

Anti- Mold and Fungi

Mold and fungi thrive in damp places and are both a health hazard and an eyesore. Left unchecked or untreated, both of these can also compromise the structural integrity of your home. Because Venetian plaster absorbs the moisture on the walls, it denies mold and fungi the dampness it needs to thrive.
A finished wall or ceiling free of cracks means no growing place for mold and fungi. More importantly, Venetian plaster naturally acts with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties because of its high alkaline content, which inhibits the development of fungi.

Highly Durable

Venetian plaster is a durable material. It dries into crack resistant hard rock, able to withstand impact. It can last centuries, unlike alternatives like drywall or painting.
Every day, it hardens further, which strengthens walls and adds sturdiness to your home. Venetian plaster is also fire-resistant, which may also add value to your home.

Easy to maintain

Venetian plaster is one of the easiest finishes to maintain. All you need is a mild detergent and some water for periodic cleaning. There’s no need to paint or re-plaster the whole wall because of scratches since its natural texture prevents these. Venetian plaster is a high quality material that will last for many, many years.


Venetian plaster is a natural substance and does not contain any chemicals that are later released into the air. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the air making it fresher and the plaster stronger. The naturally thermal properties of Venetian plaster also helps cool your home, further adding to its green appeal.


There are many benefits of Venetian plaster that make it worth the investment for any remodeling or renovation project. Its refreshing aesthetic and long-lasting quality add elegance and value. With increasing concerns on going green, its eco-appeal can further increase your home’s value.
Added benefits of Venetian plaster such as humidity control and health-boosting characteristics can also save you money. Venetian plaster needs proper professional application, which is where Decorfin Decorative Wall Finishes becomes a vital ally. Experts in elegant wall finishes for more than 30 years, DecorFin the premier choice in Venetian plaster from Manhattan to Los Angeles. Schedule your free consultation and get started on your unique, creative, and luxurious design for your home or business today!