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Venetian plaster may be a 15th-century technique for finishing the walls in your home or office, and there’s no denying it withstands the test of time, figuratively and literally.

Figuratively, in that the popularity of Venetian plastered walls is seeing a comeback with such liberal use in recent home and business renovations, and literally because Venetian plaster walls are notoriously durable and long-lasting.

Taking a close look, it’s easy to see why Venetian plaster wall finishes are so popular; these walls are made of natural materials and ooze elegance. Benefits to consider are:

Environmentally Friendly

The primary materials that make up Venetian plaster, marble, lime, and granite, are natural and toxin-free. Moreover, lime has a high pH level, an antibacterial against fungus. The presence of lime means you don’t have to use preservatives and anti-mold.

Additionally, this wall art is non-flammable and safe for your kitchen walls and tabletops. Unlike other wall finishes in its class that discharge volatile organic compounds (VOCs), centuries old Venetian plaster doesn’t emit any dangerous odor or chemicals.

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

The key ingredient in Venetian plaster is lime putty, a mixture of limestone and water. When the putty comes into contact with CO2, it absorbs it from the air, returning it to its initial form, limestone. Further, this coat hardens with time, making it more durable.Luxurious Finish

One way to add luxury to your home is with this timeless plaster. You can customize Venetian plaster to suit your needs using its variety of colors and finishes, depending on your design goals. Still not convinced? Luxurious Venetian plaster finishes include:

Travertine: An expert in Venetian plaster can have this reflecting 2-3 tones.
Spatulato: Depth of color, featuring smooth textured, high gloss finish.
Marmorino: Produces a finish similar to Istrian stone, and you can choose from a matte, satin, or gloss finish.

Regulates Moisture

Venetian plaster can soak up moisture in the air and discharge it when needed, something most other finishes don’t do. During the wet seasons, the plaster helps to suck in damp moisture. This process reverses during the warmer months, and the Italian plaster releases moisture into the hot atmosphere for cooling purposes.

Prevents Mold

The combination of the high pH level in Venetian plaster and its ability to regulate moisture helps prevent mold and other fungal growth that thrive in humid conditions.

Variety and Flexibility

If an elegant finish for your walls that fits any surface and matches your décor is what you desire, look no more. From ceilings to countertops, there’s practically no flat surface in your home that Venetian plaster couldn’t be applied to by a proven professional.

You can choose this stunning finish to cover your ceiling and wall bases, whether composed of brick, wood, tiles, plasterboard, or cement.

Moreover, you can select Venetian plaster to cover surfaces such as fireplace surrounds, archways, and period features. Basically this finish can be applied to any porous surface inside your home.

Low Maintenance

Venetian plaster is easy to maintain with these simple steps:

Make sure the finish has wax, which makes the walls waterproof
Clean by gently rubbing with a soft cloth using warm water and ordinary soap
Be gentle when buffing the surface


One of the main reasons people apply Venetian plaster is its longevity. As the materials used continue to come into contact with carbon dioxide during and after the application, your wall gets harder and stronger by the day.

So long as you maintain the Venetian plaster wall finish well, it won’t crack or chip. It’s incomparable to paint (which fades fast) and wallpaper (quick to tear).


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