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Whether you want to increase the aesthetic or value of your home in order to make it more appealing to buyers when you decide to sell, Venetian plaster is an excellent approach to improve the look of your property and boost total resale value.


Venetian plaster has endured the design trends that seem to come and go. Since ancient times it has been used to finish walls. Nowadays, people have found a variety of innovative ways to use Venetian plaster, thus it has experienced a resurgence in popularity amongst high-end property owners. From luxury homes to exclusive retail stores, people are turning to Venetian plaster for constructing unique structural elements, adding or repairing walls, and more. 


Aside from the stunning appeal and exuding wow-factor of Venetian plaster, there are many hidden benefits that homeowners enjoy when adding this elegant and decorative wall finish to their homes. Whether you’re considering repairing a wall or doing a total makeover to increase the value of your home, Venetian plaster might just be the premium choice. 


Top reasons people love Venetian plaster, and perhaps you will too, include: 

Venetian Plaster is Environment Friendly

The ingredients in Venetian plaster are naturally derived, chemical- and toxin-free. Natural Venetian plaster is harmless, effectively absorbs carbon dioxide and emits no dangerous compounds into the air. The mixture includes high pH lime, which has fungicidal and antibacterial properties.


Since Venetian plaster is breathable, it regulates humidity, which prevents the growth of fungus or mold. Venetian plaster is a popular option in the kitchen, bathrooms, and pool areas.


Customize Venetian Plaster to Your Design Style

Many property owners prefer the natural, earthy appeal Venetian plaster offers, however, there is no limit to what and how you can style your walls. If you prefer a color or texture that doesn’t exist naturally, Venetian plaster can be tinted using either synthetic or natural colorants in order to create the look you desire. 


Venetian Plaster Requires Very Little Maintenance

Venetian plaster is grout-free and easy to maintain, making it an ideal alternative to tiles and other natural stones. 


Because Venetian plaster allows the passage of air and moisture, the surface is able to dry out quickly after being splashed, which makes the cleaning process easy. This property also prevents moisture retention beneath the surface, keeping the building structure dry and solid. 


Less prone to shrinking and cracking, should you discover a blemish in your Venetian plaster, the area can be easily repaired without re-plastering the entire wall.

Venetian Plaster is Extremely Durable 

Venetian Plaster is a durable substance that can last for millennia when properly applied and maintained. This form of plaster is fire resistant and continues to harden as it ages. When it comes to maximum strength and durability, Venetian plaster is, without a doubt, the best option. 


When you’re looking for the best way to add elegance to your walls and value to your home, consider Venetian plaster. This durable and easy to maintain decorative wall finish offers maximum benefits to homeowners looking for attractive, toxin-free materials. If you want to do more exploring in the world of Venetian plaster, or you’re ready to start your free consultation, contact the industry leading experts at DecorFin. Able to elevate the appearance of your space while adding more value, the experienced artisan Venetian plastering and design team at DecorFin is ready to help you realize your design dreams.