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Venetian plaster has withstood the test of time, both in terms of durability and style. This classic wall finish dates back to the Roman Empire, with examples still present in Pompeii. When a material can withstand a volcano’s temper tantrum, you know it’s worth putting in your home.
Grey Venetian plaster has a gorgeous, unique look that no other wall finish can accurately mimic. This uniqueness allows for a truly singular design aesthetic, one that your friends and family aren’t likely to have duplicated in their own homes. Make a statement that is distinctly yours by using grey Venetian plaster throughout your home.

Design a Striking Entryway with Venetian Plaster

Greet all your guests with an entryway unlike others they have seen. Warm grey tones can be a great choice for making a first impression with whomever is dropping by. Because Venetian plaster is easy to clean, you never have to worry about mud splatters or other entryway messes.

Create Textural Contrast

Venetian plaster is available in both a shiny, glossy surface and a textured finish that adds visual interest. Play with the textures to create walls that draw the eye. Your imagination is the only limit.

Not Just for Your Walls

You don’t need to limit your design aspirations to walls finished in Venetian plaster. Use this versatile wall covering on ceilings, too! An optimal choice for rooms that tend to collect moisture, its natural anti-humidity properties work to help control moisture, prevent mildew growth, and maintain heat.

Add a Pop of Texture to Freestanding Fireplaces and Structural Room Dividers

Even a little Venetian plaster can go a long way when it comes to visual appeal. Turn half-walls, freestanding fireplace dividers, and similar features into elegant works of art themselves with the distinct look of Venetian plaster.

Feature Walls

You don’t need to use this gorgeous Venetian plaster throughout an entire room. Feature walls behind your headboard, couch, or television create a gorgeous focal point in any room. Use it to set off art or create visual appeal by itself.

Venetian Plaster Brings Elegance to Your Bathrooms

Your bathrooms see a great deal of traffic throughout the day. Create a calm, pleasing atmosphere with a wall and ceiling covering that’s ideal for bathrooms. Natural moisture control and inhibition of mildew growth set Venetian plaster ahead of other wall and ceiling surface finishes for your bathroom.

A Stunning Kitchen Starts with Venetian Plaster

The kitchen is nearly as perfect for grey Venetian plaster as the bathroom is. Not only can you create a stunning color harmony with stainless steel cookware and appliances, but you can protect yourself and your home. Venetian plaster is naturally fire-resistant, adding a layer of safety to your kitchen. Better still, this surface is easily cleaned and will stand up to the splatters from a pot of your favorite marinara.

Sharp and Stylish Shower Walls

Create a trifecta of beauty, functionality, and ease of cleaning with the use of grey Venetian plaster in your shower. You’ll not only create a tranquil environment for relaxing, you’ll guarantee yourself ease of cleaning and control of moisture and mildew. There’s no better wall surface for creating an epic shower.


Grey Venetian plaster’s avant-garde aesthetic can fit perfectly throughout your entire home. Walk through your house and imagine the incredible possibilities of transformation, then contact DecorFin Decorative Wall Finishes and turn your visions into reality. Schedule your free in-home consultation and start creating today!

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