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Regaining momentum as a popular option in design when it comes to modern feature walls today, is the resurgence of a decor option that far surpasses ordinary flat paint. The dilemma in considering options outside the norm occurs in deciding which material to feature on the decorative wall. Alternative options to flat paint might include wallpaper, paneling, wood, Venetian plaster or some other textured wall finish.

Considerations When Choosing Between Venetian Plaster or A Decorative Finish

1. The Look You Want

Venetian plaster and other decorative finishes can deliver a more dramatic look than basic flat paint. A wall finished with Venetian plaster has the illusion of texture and depth. This is due to the natural materials and technique used to make it. Plaster is mixed with marble or limestone dust and applied using the traditional technique of thin layering with a spatula or trowel. Several completed layers are then buffed to smoothen the surface and bring out a subtle sheen. 

Venetian plaster gives you a choice of finishes ranging from matte, semi-gloss or high gloss. You can also choose to replicate the look of natural materials such stone, travertine and mother of pearl.

Decorative paint is similar in that a variety of finished looks can be achieved with it;  matte, semi-matte, glossy, satin, or metallic finishes among others. A variety of desired textures can be achieved based on its application.

2. Purpose of the Space

In common rooms like the living room, dining room and kitchen, you can feel free to go for more elaborate finishes. Brighter, glossier and bolder colors can bring more vibrancy to these spaces where people gather. Private rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms should have a more muted design to remain calm and restful.

3. Costs of Service

Your budget will always be a factor in your home design goals, as it can oftentimes entice you to go with the less costly option. Alternatively, you can opt to mix it up by having one feature wall with a slightly more costly decorative finish option that gives you the precise look you want, while making up for it with just decorative paint on the others.

4. Your Future Plans 

You also might want to consider how long you plan to reside in the space. If you live in a home you don’t own, you may want to go with decorative paint rather than Venetian plaster. The first is easier to paint over with flat paint in order to restore the original look.

The Benefits of Both Feature Wall Finishes

Each wall finish option has its benefits. For instance, decorative paint costs less. Venetian plaster, on the other hand, is more durable because of the natural materials it’s composed of and the protective seal applied over it. Naturally mold and mildew resistant and made of marble or limestone dust, this plaster actually enhances the structural integrity of your wall. 


Whichever option you go with when trying to decide between Venetian plaster, decorative paint, or something else entirely for your feature wall, you’ll only get the look you’re going for if the job is done by a reputable professional. America’s premier decorative wall finish company, DecorFin is where to start. 

Bringing elegance to homes and businesses across the country has built up quite the online portfolio which showcases some of what can be done for you. Schedule your free in-home paint or plaster consultation to discuss the space you want to be transformed. If you’re in the NYC area, you can also visit the Decorfin NYC showroom. Put your walls in expert hands and see how completely transformed and timeless your space becomes.