Venetian plaster, with its smooth, luminous surface and timeless elegance, is a luxurious wall finish that requires a meticulous application process. If you’re considering this exquisite technique for your project, understanding why it’s crucial to hire a contractor specializing in Venetian plaster becomes important. Let’s explore the reasons behind entrusting this intricate process to seasoned professionals rather than opting for a general contractor or attempting a DIY.

Expertise in Surface Preparation

A specialized Venetian plaster contractor begins the journey by conducting a thorough inspection of your walls. Addressing cracks, imperfections, and loose debris, they ensure a flawless canvas for the upcoming artistic transformation. This meticulous surface preparation sets the stage for a durable and impeccable finish.

Precision in Base Coat Application

The application of the base coat, or “intonaco” and “arriccio,” is a critical step that demands precision. A contractor specializing in Venetian plaster understands the nuances of this coarse plaster mix, setting the tone for the depth and character of the final finish. Their expertise ensures an optimal base for the subsequent layers.

Artisanal Skill in Venetian Plaster Application

The star of the show, Venetian plaster itself, requires a delicate touch. Specialized contractors, well-versed in the blend of slaked lime and marble dust, apply multiple thin coats known as “scialbatura.” Their artisanal skill comes into play as they meticulously build up layers, creating a seamless and radiant surface that defines the luxurious quality of Venetian plaster.

Meticulous Troweling and Polishing

Troweling, a critical step in achieving the desired aesthetic, demands the use of a steel trowel to burnish the plaster. Specialized contractors excel in this process, compacting the plaster and polishing it with a fine-grit abrasive pad. This meticulous troweling and polishing contribute to the unique and luxurious appearance of Venetian plaster.

Waxing and Sealing Expertise

To enhance longevity, a layer of wax or sealer is applied. A Venetian Plaster specialized contractor understands the nuances of this step, choosing the right option based on the desired sheen and overall aesthetic goals. This additional layer not only protects against wear and tear but intensifies the richness of colors and textures.

Artistic Techniques and Customization

Venetian plaster offers a canvas for artistic expression, and specialized contractors bring a wealth of expertise to this stage. Collaborating closely with them allows for personalized touches, ensuring the Venetian plaster becomes a truly unique masterpiece that aligns with the client’s vision.


Hiring a contractor with a specialization in Venetian plaster is not just about technical proficiency; it’s about appreciating the artistry and craftsmanship that elevate ordinary walls into extraordinary masterpieces. Entrust your project to professionals like Decorfin, who pride themselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and personalized solutions for your Venetian plaster projects. Elevate your interiors with the timeless beauty of Venetian plaster, where craftsmanship meets luxury. Contact Decorfin today for a personalized consultation and bring timeless elegance to your interiors.